The End of the Line: Your Lease and What to Do

All leases come to an end. When your vehicle lease gets finished from us at Bedard Bros. Chrysler Jeep Dodge, what should you do? What options do you have? This quick guide will help answer your questions.

There is the option to just drive your car back to the lot, turn in the keys and walk away. If you are looking for another option though, there are two main options for you! The first option is to buy your leased vehicle outright, a great idea if you want the permanence of ownership with a car you have grown to enjoy. If you liked the car but cannot, or do not want to buy it, you can also talk to us about extending the lease further. This can really help if you are in a financial crunch but really need a car. Finally, for people that really love that new car smell, we can also help you find and lease a new vehicle.

No choice is better than any others without the context of your situation. If your lease is running out, let us know ahead of time, and we can get things in place before you even see us!

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