The Thickness of Tire Thread

With the winter season in full swing, it's getting to be that time where we have to get our cars checked out to make sure everything is running correctly, all the fluids are topped off, and all the worn parts are replaced so we don't get caught out in the cold.

A very important and oft times overlooked part of your car to examine is the tire tread. Worn down or irregular tread patterns can lead to decreased stopping ability even in the best conditions. On slick and slippery winter roads stopping length is exponentially increased leaving you on track for an accident.

Don't let worn down tires be the reason for an undo accident or crash this winter, get down to Bedard Bros. Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Cheshire, MA and have one of our professional mechanics get you set up with a nice fresh set of winter tires before the cold weather really starts picking up.
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