The Ram 1500 has many great features that make heavy towing jobs easier. On long roads, a truck needs consistent power and a strong base in order to pull a load, and the Ram 1500's has these features.

Under the Ram 1500's housing, there is a solid steel frame that's made of steel. This frame contains a combination of steel alloys; nearly 98 percent of the metal is a high-strength steel. The Ram team designed the 1500 this way to make its entire base stiff. During towing routines, stiffness is very important because it gives a vehicle enough strength to pull the heaviest loads. Thanks to the 1500's dense frame and powerful V8 engine, it can successfully tow cargo that weighs up to 2,300 pounds.

A Ram 1500 is also a suitable truck for everyday driving routines. If you set up a test drive Bedard Bros. Chrysler Jeep Dodge, you'll understand how a Ram 1500 could simplify your daily routines.



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