Jeep Compass has enough superb capability features to meet the requirements of any off-road adventure. Plus, its silhouette combines sportiness and classic, rugged Jeep sensibilities. Our Bedard Bros. Chrysler Jeep Dodge team is big on capability, and Jeep Compass more than claims its top spot in the compact SUV category. Here are two Jeep Compass capability features that we appreciate and like.

Windshield Wipers With Brains

Jeep Compass has windshield wipers that sense rain and start wiping your windshield automatically. It's a small feature, but it helps you keep your hands on the wheel if you happen to be cruising through Cheshire when a shower kicks up.

High Ground Clearance

Compass' undercarriage boasts high enough clearance to pass over obstacles on even the most unforgiving roads. This amounts to smoother aerodynamics and less abuse on your undercarriage, extending the overall life of the undercarriage and the entire vehicle frame.


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